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17th Annual Goodfellows Auction / Bake Sale December 5, 2021 @ 2pm Being held @ HightowerBar & Grill 5140 E. Loop Rd. Hesperia, MI 231-854-2000 Proceeds to go to the Goodfellows!! Remember: Christmas is a time for giving, So Let No Child Be Forgotten!!! Wanted: Donations for Auction and Bake Sale!!! **Please look in your attic, garage, basement, barn etc. You will probably find Something that Someone else might want!!! ******Please No Junk!! Only Marketable items******* For more information: Please call Denise@ 231-854-9105 or Michelle & Bob Tietz @ 231-861-4531 or Hightower Bar & Grill @ 231854-2000 Thank You!!! Hope to see you there!!!!

Sun, Dec 5, 2021 2:00AM  US/Eastern